Record of the meeting of the Comite des Chemins at the top of the Ruelle du Presbitère to hear the reasons of those who opposed the demand of Jean Pipon to close and appropriate the road called Mont au Chêne which passes the road to the south of the property of Jeanne Le Breton - not dated

Reference: L/C/65/F/3

Date: 1811 - 1811

Extract from the Royal Court concerning the closure of Mont au Chêne

Reference: L/C/65/F/4

Date: May 24th 1822 - May 24th 1822

Copy of the Act of the Comite des Chemins, St Peter concerning the proposition of Jean Pipon relating to Mont du De Veulle

Reference: L/C/65/F/5

Date: June 1st 1821 - June 1st 1821

Draft petition to Major General Campbell, Lieutenant Governor and the president and members of the States, from the inhabitants of the Vingtaine du Coin Varin and Vingtaine du Douet asking for 1200 livres to build a road following the lane called La Ruelle du Presbytêre - not dated

Reference: L/C/65/F/6

Date: 1835 - 1835

Extracts from the minutes of the Comite des Chemins, St Peter concerning the improvement of a road between La Hague Manor and the house of Philippe Jean Le Boutillier and the proposition of Charles Le Cornu to buy land from Jean Simon to establish a new alignment on the road between between La Hague Manor and the Church, Rue à la Dame

Reference: L/C/65/F/7

Date: November 20th 1874 - November 20th 1874

Minutes of Colonel C P Le Cornu of the Committee for the Restoration of the Parish [St Peter's] Church details donations towards the work, decisions as to what the work will entail, and tenders received, includes typewritten notes

Reference: L/C/65/G/1

Date: December 6th 1883 - May 30th 1890

Receipt signed by George Clement for £60 received from Charles Le Cornu for places in the pews of the Parish Church of St Ouen

Reference: L/C/65/G/2

Date: January 21st 1869 - January 21st 1869

Note signed CPleC [Charles Philippe Le Cornu] concerning the pews in St Ouen's Church

Reference: L/C/65/G/3

Date: 1897 - 1897

Anley Family part 1

Reference: L/C/65/B1

Balleine Family part 1

Reference: L/C/65/B4

Balleine Family part 2

Reference: L/C/65/B5

Balleine Family part 3

Reference: L/C/65/B6

Balleine Family part 4

Reference: L/C/65/B7

Anley Family part 2

Reference: L/C/65/B2

Anley Family part 3

Reference: L/C/65/B3

de Carteret Family

Reference: L/C/65/B8

de Ste Croix Family

Reference: L/C/65/B9

du Heaume Family

Reference: L/C/65/B10

Gavey Family

Reference: L/C/65/B11

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