1588 - 1812

Reference: L/C/65/E1

Sixteenth Century

Reference: L/C/65/E2

1607 - 1841

Reference: L/C/65/E3

Undated Documents

Reference: L/C/65/E4

Sketch of a birds eye view of Vincheles de Haut Manor and surrounding grounds [?by Colonel Le Cornu]

Reference: L/C/65/H/1

Date: 1839 - 1839

Printed copy of an Act of Parliament amending a previous act entitled An Act for Regulating the Commencement of the Year and for Correcting the Calendar now in Use

Reference: L/C/65/H/2a

Date: November 10th 1747 - November 14th 1751

Printed copy of the appellant's case between Thomas Le Breton, Appellant and Edward Le Maistre, Respondant concerning the payment of a rente into the granary of the appellant in St Peter

Reference: L/C/65/H/2b

Date: 1792 - 1792

Printed letter from John Hatt Noble to John Pipon, Jersey concerning subscriptions to the engraving of the picture of Dr Valpy by Mr Sharp

Reference: L/C/65/H/2c

Date: September 2nd 1801 - September 2nd 1801

Share Certificates of Thomas Le Cornu, Vinchelez de Haut, St Ouen, Jersey in The Channel Islands Telegraph Company Limited

Reference: L/C/65/H/3a

Date: June 18th 1858 - June 18th 1858

Share Certificates of Philip Le Cornu in Consolidated 3% Annuities

Reference: L/C/65/H/3b

Date: October 21st 1814 - June 3rd 1817

Copy of the Chronique de Jersey with an article concerning Captain C P Le Cornu and the North West Artillery Battery

Reference: L/C/65/H/5a

Date: September 4th 1869 - September 4th 1869

Copy of the Nouvelle Chronique de Jersey with an article concerning the presentation of a sword to Captain C P Le Cornu

Reference: L/C/65/H/5b

Date: September 8th 1869 - September 8th 1869

Copy of the Jersey Times and British Press with an article concerning the Royal Jersey Agricultural and Horticultural Society Annual Banquet at which C P Le Cornu proposes a toast

Reference: L/C/65/H/5c

Date: November 17th 1898 - November 17th 1898

Copy of The Evening Post with an article concerning the marriage of Charles L H Le Cornu, son of C P Le Cornu to Marguerite de Carteret second daughter of Colonel E C Malet de Carteret, Lieutenant Bailiff and Seigneur of St Ouen and Vinchelez de Bas

Reference: L/C/65/H/5d

Date: June 8th 1899 - June 8th 1899

Copy of The Evening Post with an article concerning a land dispute over land between Gargate Mill and the Mill Pond involving C L H Le Cornu

Reference: L/C/65/H/5e

Date: April 23rd 1913 - April 23rd 1913

Rembours de Rente between Charles Lambert Helleur Le Cornu son of Charles Philippe of the first party and Anne Jeanne Le Brun daughter of Philippe Abraham widow of Pierre François Le Cappelain of the second party. Records that 1 pays 2 £25 for each pound of rente to cancel a rente of £24. Registered Livre 338 folio 54

Reference: L/C/65/H/6a

Date: July 18th 1903 - July 18th 1903

Vente de Rente between Adolphus Arnold Coutanche procureur of Graves Chapman Swan of the first party and Charles Philippe Le Cornu son of Philippe of the second party. Records the sale from 1 to 2 of £200 of rente nouvelle for the sum of 4966 13s. Registered Livre 343 folio 172

Reference: L/C/65/H/6b

Date: October 24th 1905 - October 24th 1905

Contract de Transaction between Anne Lambert Helleur widow of Charles Philippe Le Cornu of the first party and Charles Lambert Helleur Le Cornu, Annie Mary Helleur Le Cornu, Emily Lambert Le Cornu, Mary Le Geyt Le Cornu, and Alice Maria Lambert Le Cornu wife of Frank William Synge Le Maistre of the second party. Records the assignation of rente from 2 to 1. Registered Livre 358 folio 203

Reference: L/C/65/H/6c

Date: January 27th 1912 - January 27th 1912

Correspondence from the Royal Jersey Agricultural and Horticultural Society concerning Colonel Charles Philippe Le Cornu, La Hague, St Peter the founder of the Jersey Herd Book and offering condolences to his widow on his death

Reference: L/C/65/H/7

Date: May 13th 1905 - July 11th 1911

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