Note of the sale of the herbage on the Grande Promenade to Jean Cabot

Reference: L/C/66/B7/9

Date: October 31st 1791 - October 31st 1791

Extract from the Cour du Samedi concerning non payment of seigneurial dues to Philippe de Carteret by Michel Blampied

Reference: L/C/66/B7/10

Date: June 22nd 1781 - November 30th 1781

List of the articles found in the Moulin de Bas, Trinity on the day that Benjamin Le Breton gave up possession of the mill

Reference: L/C/66/B7/42

Date: December 25th 1802 - December 25th 1802

Bail à Termage of land belonging to Philippe Carteret, Seigneur of Trinity. Clos de Bisson to Jean Le Gros, Jardin à Geon to Daniel Le Boutillier, Pré de Laire to Charles Gruchy, Grande Promenade to Daniel Pellier and Clos de Thomas Nicolle to Jean Querée

Reference: L/C/66/B7/43

Date: September 29th 1803 - September 29th 1803

Sale of wood from the Parcq Blampied

Reference: L/C/66/B7/44

Date: March 22nd 1805 - March 22nd 1805

List of seigneurial rentes received from Trinity Manor by Jean Poingdestre

Reference: L/C/66/B7/45

Date: August 26th 1807 - October 21st 1807

Bail à Termage between Jean Poingdestre one of the Procureurs of Philippe Carteret, Seigneur of Trinity of the first party and Daniel Le Boutillier of the second party. Records the lease for 3 years from 1 to 2 of the Pré de Laire for the sum of 56 livres per vergee per year

Reference: L/C/66/B7/46

Date: October 28th 1808 - October 28th 1808

Receipt for rentes received from Miss Dorey by Jacques Perchard

Reference: L/C/66/B7/47

Date: October 6th 1838 - October 6th 1838

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