German Occupation Registration Cards

UNESCO listed registration cards from the German Occupation of Jersey during the Second World War with information and images of over 30,000 Islanders who lived in Jersey during the Occupation.




occupationThe Occupation Registration Cards are a set of unique documents that show the faces, backgrounds and communities of people of Jersey who lived under the German Occupation. Background Wishing to control the movements of the civil population, the German authorities made it compulsory for everybody to be registered under the Registration and Identification of Persons (Jersey) Order, 1940. This registration process required the collation of personal details concerning everyone within the island. Every islander was then issued with his or her identity card whilst the German authorities kept an official set which is now at Jersey Archive. The specific information collected includes name, maiden name, address, date and place of birth, occupation, any militia experience and distinguishing features. Children under the age of fourteen were recorded on the back of their father’s card. As a result a set of cards was created which recited a great deal of personal information together with a photograph of each adult. They were updated regularly with details added if people moved or had more children and as soon as children reached the age of fourteen they were issued with their own card.