German Occupation

Archives from the period of the German Occupation during the Second World War including the UNESCO recognised Bailiff’s Chambers Archive, Occupation Registration Cards and private family collections.

Jersey Archive holds a significant numbers of records concerning this period of Jersey’s history.

Bailiff’s Chambers Archive

The Bailiff of Jersey, Sir Alexander Coutanche held a key position within the local government of Jersey during the Occupation. The Bailiff’s files record in detail the administration of the Island during this period and the relationship between the local authorities and the German civil authorities.

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Law Officers’ Department

The Law Officers’ Department collection contains details of the sentences and prosecutions of Islanders in the German Courts during the Occupation. These give details of the crime committed, often an act of defiance against the German authorities, and the sentence that followed. These collections have now been digitised and are available to download online.

The collections also include general correspondence from the Occupation period and some of the Feldkommandant’s papers.

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German Occupation Registration Cards

Information and images of over 30,000 Islanders who lived in Jersey during the Occupation.

German Occupation Registration Cards

Official Records

The Island’s Government and Courts continued to function during the Occupation period and therefore a number of collections from public institution’s include records that date from 1940 – 1945. This link shows specific sections within collections that are useful for research into the Occupation.

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Channel Islands Occupation Society

The CIOS (Jersey branch) was set up in 1971 with the intention of investigating the period of the German Occupation and preserving sites of special interest such as the German fortifications in the Island. The archive collection includes notes on research, a diverse photographic archive, the recording of speakers talking of many different facets of the Occupation, film recordings concerning the Occupation and maps and plans of the Island.

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Family and Personal Collections

Jersey Archive holds many private collections, which include diaries, letters and photographs telling the stories of individual people and families who lived through the Occupation period. The world renowned archive of the surrealist photographer Claude Cahun, which includes letters, diaries and photographs, can be found in this section.

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