Art Collection


Jersey’s natural beauty and distinct character has long inspired local and visiting artists to capture the essence of the Island. John Le Capelain portrayed Jersey’s Romantic landscape through his atmospheric watercolours. Jersey has always been a popular destination for visiting artists, attracted by the Island’s varied landscape, rugged coastline, historic buildings, picturesque landscape and lush valleys.



Maritime art


Jersey’s maritime history is accurately portrayed by ship portraitist Philip John Ouless, who excelled at depicting Jersey ships with tremendous technical efficiency


Rural Art



With his paintings of vraicing, farming and horses, Edmund Blampied captured the rural idyll of Jersey in bygone days

Lillie Langtry








Lillie Langtry is one of the Island’s most renowned daughters. She was painted in 1878 by Pre-Raphaelite great Sir John Everett Millais in her trademark plain black dress. Sir Edward Poynter painted her in a much more sumptuous golden dress.




Claude Cahun created some of the most startlingly original and enigmatic photographic images of the twentieth century. Prefiguring by over seventy years many of the concerns explored by contemporary artists today, the importance of her work is increasingly recognised. The Jersey Heritage Trust collection represents the largest repository of the artistic work of Cahun who moved to the Jersey in 1937.