Percival Dunham (1883-1961)

033056 – Percival Dunham: “Newsboys’ Outing” the annual picnic of newsboys from the staff of C M Brooks, King Street

In the Photographic Archive of the Société Jersiaise there is a collection of just over one thousand glass plate negatives taken by Percival Robert Dunham (1883-1961) in Jersey between 1913 and 1914. At least eight hundred of these negatives were published in Jersey’s Morning News daily newspaper or its sister publication the Jersey Illustrated Weekly between April 1913 and October 1914.

Percival Dunham’s break came in 1910 when on August 27th the Morning News published one of his photographs with a credit. He quickly capitalized on the editorial and technological developments at the newpaper and established himself as Jersey’s first newspaper ‘staff photographer.’ In this role as the Morning News ‘staffer’, Dunham produced a compelling and diverse photographic archive of Jersey society. His photographs were taken with a cumbersome plate camera over a decade before the introduction of handheld cameras and flashbulbs heralded the golden age of photo journalism.