Philip Morel-Laurens (1869 – )

001055 – Philip Morel-Laurens: Two ladies with bicycles on Mont de la Chésnaie Waterworks Valley St Lawrence

Philip Morel-Laurens was born in Jersey in 1869, the only son of Philip de Caen Morel and Mary Morel. His mother died when Philip was two. Their father took Philip and his sister to Australia, but they returned to Jersey in 1886. Philip joined the Militia and then in 1890 he took over the family stationers and bookshop in Halkett Place. He married in 1907 and in 1911 left the shop to farm at Leda House in St Lawrence. As well as being a talented and sensitive photographer, he was a Vingtenier, Roads Inspector and Rates Assessor for the parish; he played the organ in church and also composed music, and he was an amateur artist.