SJ Photographic Archive

The Société Jersiaise Photographic Archive (SJPA) contains over 125,000 items dating from the mid-1840s to the present day. It is the Island’s principal collection of nineteenth and early twentieth-century photography and reflects a rich history generated from our geographical and cultural position between Britain and France, two nations that were prominent in developing the medium.

The subjects represented within our images are as diverse as the multitude of processes and techniques used to produce them. Examples range from the earliest photographic processes of the late 1840s and 1850s through to the growth and maturity of the methods used today.

The SJPA includes work by the following photographers. Click on the images below to find out more about each, and to browse their work.

Henry Mullins
Albert Smith
Emile Guiton
Clarence Philip Ouless
Philip Morel Laurens
Thomas Sutton

We regularly accept donations of photographic materials, but unfortunately, we can’t accept everything. The terms that guide what we can and can’t accept are outlined in our Acquisition Policy.

We hold over 15,000 portraits of named individuals, together with views of every bay, valley and vista across the Island. Our collection offers a detailed visual record of Jersey and Channel Islands history and is an excellent representation of technical and aesthetic developments throughout the photographic era.

It is this unique diversity of material that continues to attract multiple projects across the cultural spectrum. From research projects to news reports, from art installations to road-side hoardings, the SJPA collection has something to offer a wide array of audiences and settings.

For more information on the Photo Archive, visit the website or contact a member of staff by emailing