Wills and Testaments

Jersey Archive holds original wills and testaments dating from 1660.

People in Jersey usually make two types of wills, one will deal with immovable or real property such as land and houses and the other deals with movable property such as money, shares and household possessions. Occasionally these can be contained in the same document.

Wills of immovable property are passed through the Public Registry and can be searched on the PRIDE system which is available at the Jersey Archive.

Wills of movable property are located at Jersey Archive. Images of the documents from 1660 – 1949 are now online and can be downloaded by subscribers or on a pay per view basis.

To search the wills and testaments simply enter the name of an individual in the simple search box above.

Post 1949 wills are being catalogued and descriptions are available online. Original copies can be ordered from the Jersey Archive. Please note that documents concerning the monetary value of an estate are closed to general public access under Jersey Law.